palm wax

Palm candles burn cleaner than paraffin wax. We produce different grades of Palm Wax that are able to burn with a bright and stable flame without soot. Our candles can be formulated to achieve a plain satin finish or with crystal patterns, depending on the needs of our customers to meet specific performance or visual requirements. 

description of Palm wax

  • Candlewic’s series of palm waxes are complex blends of tropical oils and their derivatives. This line of wax offers you a natural alternative to beeswax and soy wax.
  • Palm wax possesses beautiful surface finish, excellent burning qualities and color stability.
  • The palm waxes carried by Candlewic present exciting possibilities for fulfilling your discerning standards of quality as well as your expressions of beauty and style.
  • Palm candle making wax typically offers superb color stability through a wide range of colors from subtle light pastels, to brilliant primaries, to rich deep tones-distinctive in any chosen setting.
  • However certain colorants that may have solubility issues with the palm waxes. Color blocks and buttons have all been tested in the waxes..


  • palm wax can be used as a cooking ingredient.
  • palm was can be used as cooking oil.
  • palm wax is used in cosmetics. soap is often made from palm wax.