fap wax (slab & lumbs,drum pack)

fap wax (slab & lumbs,drum pack)

Improved curing

  • Improved curing of concrete enhances hydration process and provides a more durable concrete. !


  • Control of moisture loss improves surface quality, reducing permeability, minimizing surface cracking and shrinkage

Spray application ​

  • Spray application reduces labour costs, therefore eliminates the need for alternative curing systems.



fap wax (slab & lumbs,drum pack)

General description of semi refined paraffin wax. … The price of semi refined paraffin wax is lower than fully refined paraffin wax . For candle making and match industry the quality of semi refined paraffin wax is very good . Semi refined paraffin wax is produced in 5 kg slabs which can be packed in carton or gunny.